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File: 1566111121925.jpg–(306.27KB, 1500x2297, kimberly.jpg)
Kimberly should've been the nudist Ranger
¨ No.1433
What if her morpher went wrong and her clothes burned off? She'd be completely naked
¨ No.1484
Butt naked Kimberly would be kinky
¨ No.1526
What if every time she tried to morph her Power Coin backfired and instead her clothes were blasted off her body and feet?
¨ No.1531
The only thing Kimberly should morph into is her birthday suit
¨ No.1535
Naked Kimberly would be sexy
¨ No.1544
if Kimberly's morpher backfired, her clothes would be blasted off and she'd be naked
¨ No.1552
When Kimberly yells out her dinosaur, her shirt, bra, pants, underwear, shoes and socks should be blasted off her body and feet rendering her completely naked
¨ No.1556
Kimberly should try to morph but instead burn all her clothes off
¨ No.1565
¨ No.1569
When Kimberly tries to morph her clothes should be blasted off her body and feet
¨ No.1572
Yes, Kimberly's clothes should be blasted off when she tries to morph
¨ No.1580
She should yell out her dinosaur and suddenly her breasts, stomach, belly button, vagina, legs, knees, arms, shoulders, back, asscheeks, shins, feet, toes and ankles are bare
¨ No.1585
Kimberly's clothes should be blasted off when she tries to morph
¨ No.1586
Kimberly's mother should backfire and make her naked
¨ No.1590
If Kimberly's morpher backfired, her chest, body, crotch, legs, ass, and feet would be bare
¨ No.1601
What if she tried to morph but her morpher backfired and all her clothes were blasted off? She'd be naked as the day she was born
¨ No.1603
Her morpher should always backfire and make her naked
¨ No.1615
Would be sexy if her morpher backfired and zapped her clothes off

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