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File: 1571974533254.png–(708.66KB, 805x788, alright.png)
No.1684  [Reply]
I don't even know what anymore
¨ No.1714
1572415763599.png–(137.37KB, 506x851, melol.png)
wow klapau
but how
have u

File: 1400608597374.jpg–(11.55KB, 279x341, carebar.jpg)
No.2  [Reply]
sweet jesus i am a dirty piece of garbage

shit on my fucking chest
¨ No.1703
epic bump
¨ No.1712
1572414936545.png–(752.90KB, 673x807, example.png)

File: 1571882908434.png–(1.58MB, 750x1334, IMG_1043.PNG)
No.1683  [Reply]
It's about time someone made a neo 99chan. It won't ever be as god as the old one, but it's something. Let's just hope this one doesn't get raided and whatnot. Are any of the old 99ers still here?
¨ No.1708
99chan will cook your sock. it was my first imageboard from way back in 2008 and I have a ton of threads archived in shitty resolution
¨ No.1709
i still have the database of the site as it was when i killed it if someone wants to start it again using lynxchan. that said tho, it was being targeted very heavily by illegal spammers, i'd rather it stay dead and gone.

i also don't own the domain, thats still rickb's
¨ No.1711
i was with 99 all the way back to 78chan
i miss the way we were

File: 1571992042729.jpg–(475.50KB, 1920x1080, main-qimg-8207716cc6eadf8240c724b2c018ad2f.jpg)
No.1689  [Reply]
Force Awakens would be better if Rey was naked
¨ No.1701
yes it would

File: 1571677061808.jpg–(7.76MB, 5152x3864, DSC00126.JPG)
No.1677  [Reply]
This board basicly
She should be a nudist
¨ No.1678
ya can we not
¨ No.1682
Why hasn't that fuck been banned yet?

File: 1571773081848.jpg–(13.33KB, 300x300, dogdogdogdog.jpg)
No.1681  [Reply]

File: 1571177345651.jpg–(77.80KB, 520x389, 14182554_f520.jpg)
No.1648  [Reply]
Anyone here prejudiced at all?

File: 1570980082154.png–(808.98KB, 1116x530, 1570904676407.png)
No.1643  [Reply]

¨ No.1644
Dont' touch my fugging saled
¨ No.1647
1571168827612.png–(150.48KB, 1000x400, 1569028037355.png)

File: 1568645777554.jpg–(34.82KB, 612x565, vmojb6dtapk11.jpg)
No.1631  [Reply]
Are there any other ticklish mongrels here, other than the cute boy that keeps talking about nude women?
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¨ No.1637
I feel you this is a sad ending
¨ No.1638
uhh i mean this chan has existed for like 5 years and this is the most activity its ever had
¨ No.1639
Technically true, but most of said activity is spam.

File: 1566182409656.gif–(117.43KB, 512x512, shake3.gif)
No.1443  [Reply]
you stupid motherfucker why are you spamming your fuckface posts ree
¨ No.1445
TinyIB's lack of builtin protection against such things makes it really easy to spam. I suggest looking into some sort of anti-spam software.

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