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File: 1572030810585.png–(71.20KB, 960x720, sz7tl6zll9r31.png)
No.1704 Stickied  [Reply]
ok i'm fuckin sick of the nudist threads, i'll allow 1 thread of it to exist, just spam all ure posts in it and not the whole fucking board reee
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¨ No.1753
1576256476459.png–(209.56KB, 256x256, 1554001993096.png)
He's doing it again
¨ No.1754

just put yer shit in one thread
¨ No.1796
Wat fuk

File: 1579413819905.png–(136.78KB, 275x383, Jeff.png)
No.1797  [Reply]
The fuck is going on with the dates on this board
¨ No.1799
is it not the 19th of the 1st month of 2020 like it says

File: 1579436776525.jpg–(329.65KB, 2000x1000, o-EMMA-STONE-BIRDMAN-facebook.jpg)
No.1798  [Reply]
Emma Stone should have been naked and bare foot in every scene of Birdman

File: 1577047558222.jpg–(281.59KB, 1000x562, Anna-and-Elsa-At-the-Coronation-in-Frozen 2.jpg)
No.1756  [Reply]
Anna & Elsa should've gone to their coronation naked & bare foot.
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¨ No.1759
Nudism seems more like Anna's thing then Elsa but then again the cold dosen't bother Elsa anyway so maybe she would consider a nudist lifestyle
¨ No.1787
Someone steps on Elsa's cape and she's suddenly naked with only her heels & socks on. Anna starts laughing at her. Then Elsa falls down and her heels come flying off her feet so now she's naked with only her socks on. She runs outside and steps in some water so then she has to take off her socks so now she's naked & bare foot like the day she was born
¨ No.1788
Anna is laughing at Elsa for being naked in front of God and everybody. Then a knight comes up and cuts up her dress. She yells at him but then her clothes crumble leaving her naked with only her heels and socks on in front of God and everybody

File: 1578826398969.jpg–(147.28KB, 1920x856, 1574643967954.jpg)
No.1771  [Reply]
There should have been a scene where Elsa accidently ended up naked & bare foot in public. That would've been hilarious and embarrassing for her
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¨ No.1784
Female nakedness is always good
¨ No.1785
A beautiful woman like Elsa suddenly becoming naked by accident would be hillarious
¨ No.1786
Nothing more hilarious then a beautiful classy woman suddenly becoming naked by accident in public

Embed: With Approval from Pope Francis, Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome–(YouTube)
No.1728  [Reply]
Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome,Pope Frances permits statue of False God Moloch
¨ No.1770

File: 1577819080748.jpg–(108.00KB, 1024x697, 1577765788871m.jpg)
No.1766  [Reply]
Any kangaroofags here to react to this pic?
¨ No.1769
no probably not

File: 1403994029070.webm–(224.08KB, 560x320, 0:06, testfile.webm)
No.188  [Reply]
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¨ No.1735
1575068007473.mp4–(5.33MB, pool party.mp4)

¨ No.1765
1577811904287.mp4–(274.97KB, 1577734516342.mp4)
¨ No.1768
1578710978965.mp4–(6.39MB, VID_20200110_204358~4.mp4)

File: 1577747278402.png–(278.73KB, 1893x882, Annotation 2019-12-30 180709.png)
No.1764  [Reply]
what a dork

File: 1577470149828.jpg–(22.90KB, 474x474, bg.bmp)
No.1763  [Reply]
It is I, Gay.

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